DVD Combo – Tai: a young Tayno boy

This story narrates a special Tai in Tai’s life. It is a day of service, and every boy and girl must cooperate with the yacayeque’s daily chores.

The DVD Combo includes the version of the book in English and a DVD with the short animated film based on the same book, with audio tracks and subtitles in both English and Spanish.

The animation won first prize in Festival de Cine para Niños Divercine Puerto Rico 2010 and participated in the Divercine International reel, presenting in various hispanic countries. It also participated in the 20th Festival Internacional de Cine – Arte & Cultura – Paraguay 2011.

To access the Teaser press here.

The Combo is also available with the Spanish version of the book.

Why do we write tayno with «y»?

Precio: $14.00

Precio: $12.00

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